1kW solar system in Valsad

Smiling Sun : 1kW Solar Rooftop System in Valsad

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A professor in Valsad District of Gujarat installs 1kW Solar System on roof of his house

Dr. Uttam Patel is a professor in Vanraj Arts and commerce college. He wanted to source energy solar energy for his day to day requirement of electricity. So he posted his requirement on SolarConnect for a 1kW system on his house in Valsad, Gujarat.

Ezysolare team worked on the information provided by Dr. Patel and prepared Solar Energy Assessment Report and Plant Layout Designs for his Solar System.

Soon after this Dr. Patel got a call from Mr. Hiren Kabaria from Samvit Energy. Samvit Energy is a verified Solar System installation company registered on SolarConnect.

The duo discussed the requirement, negotiated on terms and conditions, and decided to work together to set up the 1kW Off-Grid Solar System on Dr. Patel’s house.

Technical Specification

Off Grid Solar System [ Off Grid Solar System is a system with battery backup ]

Modules : 250Wp Borg Energy

Inverter : 3kVA/24V solar hybrid inverter – Flin Energy

Battery : Exide 105Ah C10 [ Backup – 4 to 6 hours ]


The system generates 4.50 units on daily basis saving electricity bill of about Rs. 1050 per month, which is a significant amount for a residential home. It took just 15 days for complete procurement and installation of the system.

“ I am Amazed by the technology and working of solar .Wanted to save on electricity and promote green energy. Would encourage more and more people to use solar.It is a one-time installation cost and gives you savings for years to come. Our full daytime load is running and supported by the solar system installed. “ said Dr. Patel

Feedback From Dr. Uttam Patel :

“Mr. Hiren Kabaria is very humble and friendly. He promptly responded to all our queries and gave us a customized solution that meets our requirement. Fantastic support from samvit energy and ezysolare team. I am happy and satisfied with the efforts made and the quality of the solar system installed.”

1kW solar system in Valsad
1kW solar system in Valsad

Feedback from Samvit Energy :

“As a solar rooftop installer, it was a boon to get registered on the ezysolare portal. Ezysolare has made our lives easier to find roof owners and also leading manufacturers and suppliers of  solar components at the best market rate.

We found Dr. Uttam’s solar requirement on ezysolare along with the site layout and complete installation details. All the details and drawings were clearly mentioned and accurate and as a result installation at client’s site was much easier and as per the requirement of the client. After installation, Dr. Uttam was thankful to us and ezysolare.”



Thank You,

Team SolarConnect, Ezysolare


6 thoughts on “Smiling Sun : 1kW Solar Rooftop System in Valsad

  1. Sir I need a solar power system for my Industry in which I have to operate about 20hrs power motor the venue of my Industry is Bokajan District Karbi-Anglong Assam. Can u provide us the complete cost of the project.

  2. i want to install a solar panel on the roof of a railway track machine and get the following
    1) want 24 volts supply
    2) can light at least 15 bulbs

  3. Solar Rooftop system for residential use is my future requirement.

    Please provide me your contact number and complete address
    so that I can go ahead.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Jitendra G. Tailor
    Mob: 9714008440

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