Solar Net & Gross Metering in the state of Jharkhand

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This blog would cover the net-metering and gross-metering regulations for the state of Jharkhand. The regulations were issued in January, 2016 and would be valid upto March 2021. The gazette may be accessed here.

Distribution Licensees of Jharkhand who it applies to (refer): JBVNL (refer)

JUSCO (refer)

BPSCL (refer)

As an increasing trend, state regulatory commissions are including ‘gross metering’ as well in their regulations. Similarly, these regulations apply to both Gross and Net- Metering.


Anyone claiming accelerated depreciation on a project cannot avail gross metering, but only net-metering

A customer may only opt for either net-metering or gross metering for single or multiple projects within the same premises

Net/ Gross metering would be offered on a first come first serve basis

Capacity limit: 100% of the sanctioned load of the consumer

The regulations state that available transformer capacity for Solar would be available on the website of the DISCOMs, however, it’s not updated on the websites- only the regulations are updated

Maximum allocated capacity at each transformer is 15%

Procedure to be followed

The framework to be followed may be accessed here.

1) Apply for grid connectivity- Form 1

2) Application fees applicable is as given here

3) Application acknowledged and registered- Validity of 180 days

4) Feasibility analysis completed within 15 days of application registration, with a validity of 30 days

5) Consumer intimated about documents that need to be submitted. Consumer given 30 days

6) Approval/ Rejection informed within 10 days of submission of document

            a.Acceptance of original capacity

            b.Proposition of a reduced capacity

            c.Refund of application fee within 7 days if b. is not acceptable to customer

            d.Stay in priority list for 180 days for re-consideration

7) Registration of the solar power system- Form 2

8) Immediate approval/ deficiencies in the application informed within 7 days

9)Customer given 30 days to rectify deficiencies

10)Within 15 days, scheme is registered

11)Net Metering (refer) / Gross Metering (refer) Agreement is executed within 15 days of registration

Interconnection Standards

S.No. Connected Load/Contract Demand of Eligible of Consumer Connectivity Level
1 Up to 5Kw Single Phase at 230 V
2 5kw and above up to 50kw/63KVA 3 Phase, 45 wire at 415 V
3 Above 50kw and up to 1MW 3 Phase at 6.6V3 Phase at 11 KV


Energy Accounting

Parameter Gross Metering Net-Metering
Agreement Signatory Third Party owners/ consumers Consumers
Electricity injected 100% produced by the plant Excess electricity after consumption
Tariff paid As approved by the commission 1:1 ratio upto end of settlement period; unadjusted credits paid at INR 0.5/ unit
Unadjusted credits Delayed payment surcharge if not credited on time Carried forward till settlement period
Reimbursement period Same as billing period
Exemptions Wheeling and cross subsidy surcharge


If you think, you would like to make use of these regulations and install a rooftop project on your roof, please feel free to contact us on

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