Solar Rooftop PV Plant Target for The Financial Year 2016-17

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The Ministry Of New and Renewable Energy ( MNRE ) is implementing a Grid connected Rooftop and Solar Power Plant Programme. The Government has set a target of 40,000 MWp of grid interactive rooftop solar (RTS) PV plants by 2022. These RTS plants will be set up in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, Government or PSU sectors ranging from 1kWp to 500kWp capacity.

Till now 26 states/ UTs have Net/Gross metering regulations. further for RTS project on residential / social / institutional sectors, 30% subsidy scheme is available; while for such projects in Government/PSU sectors, incentive upto 15-25% is available.

Accordingly SECI is processing tender for 500MW and 1000MW respectively. MNRE is also working on initiatives to collate demand from cities and Ministries/Departments for  these sectors.

But for RTS projects for Industrial and Commercial sectors, no subsidy or initiatives from the Government is available. Thus these sectors purely depend on the Accelerated Depreciation and on the tariff differential between the DISCOMS and RTS bid rates. With accelerated depreciation, RTS projects in industrial and commercial sectors are viable in various states, except Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Assam, Etc. MNRE is also trying to channelise multilateral loans of Asian Development Bank, National Development Bank, and World Bank at concessional rates to RTS developers through SBI, Canara Bank, and PNB.

For these segments, the RTS target is 50% or 20,000 MW. But with the reluctance of DISCOMs for operationalising Net Metering regulation, this appears to be very challenging. The role of the Channel Partners will be crucial here. The channel Partners need to be fully active for leasing with units in Industrial and Commercial sectors to take up RTS projects where consumption is more than RTS generation.

MNRE has issued the operational guidelines for the channel partners. MNRE will regularly review the progress and performance of each Channel Partner. However, no target has been fixed before Channel Partners to check such performance or progress. Hence, for making strong push for RTS in commercial and industrial sectors, following targets are proposed for this financial year .

Solar Rooftop PV plant target for Commercial and Industrial sector for financial year 2016-17

These targets will also be applied to all fresh empanelment cases. It is also proposed that if a Channel Partner is not able to achieve these targets for consecutive 2 years, it will be downgraded to next category.

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2 thoughts on “Solar Rooftop PV Plant Target for The Financial Year 2016-17

  1. if i want to run 1.5 ton AC from only solar panel without batteries then how many Kw needed (1kw or 2 kw) to run AC???.

    point noted that without batteries and without Torrent residence grid line .?

    tell me

    1. Hi Naman..
      Appliances like air conditioners require a higher wattage. An air conditioner, for instance, has three main power consuming parts – compressor, condenser and evaporator, for which it needs a high current. 1.5 ton AC needs 1.9 kW energy per hour to run properly. This consumption falls when the compressor is switched off as the room cools down to the set temperature. For more Click –>

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