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Best Prices for BoQ, Tight Timelines, Quality Products, Engineering Assistance and PEACE OF MIND – All Delivered with One Partner – EZYSOLARE! Read how Longman Suntech Energy benefitted from ezysolare’s one stop shop for all solar needs!

Longman Suntech Energy, based in Mumbai installs solar projects on lease, where the client gets system free of cost and pays only for the solar electricity. In a market as large as India, its their efficiency that drives Longman to a larger portfolio. It recently executed 2 rooftop projects in Tamil Nadu, totalling 85 kW in capacity.

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Maintaining a lean team and high quality standards, Longman Suntech partnered with ezysolare to assist in electrical and civil engineering – from creating detailed Single Line Diagrams to Independent Structural Stability Analysis, ezysolare delivered engineering drawing on the clock.

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The work however, didn’t stop there. Solar Power Plant requires 30+ Solar, Electrical and Civil equipment to commission the project. With stiff timelines to commission the project, Longman placed orders for 12 products – from Rs. 15 worth of insulation tapes to cables and structure members. Not only were the orders placed, dispatched and delivered in a matter of 10 days to the site in Chennai, but also the procurement was improved by suggesting more technically efficient and cost effective solutions.

Hear it from the horse’s mouth, in the below testimonial!

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“Ezysolare’s been a great platform for engineering as well as Balance of System procurement for us. We truly like the professionally done civil and electrical drawings that they develop.

What we really do appreciate is the fact that Ezysolare treats its engineering drawing more like a technical product which needs to be serviced even after been sold. They are extremely good at explaining the intricacies in this drawings and continue to support till the plant is commissioned at the site.

When it comes to procurement Ezysolare really made our life easy by being a one stop shop for all our Balance of System needs – From clamps on the Module mounting structures to Electrical components. Once again we applaud the effort they took to make sure that we get the right product by double checking the product rating and suggesting better alternatives in many cases.

Lastly, the utility advantage of developing drawings and procuring BOS components from the same location need to be weighed in for all its practical reasons. Someone who can develop great drawings and suggest great solutions in line with their own drawings is a great mix. This is what Ezysolare have achieved and we hope will continue to only improvise on it!”

You can call Mohit at +91 9925345121 or log on to to place your orders now!

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