MNRE brings transparency and takes accountability for subsidy

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The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy recently put out a public notification which highlights the complaints received by customers about EPC Companies and State Nodal Agencies (refer). This comes hugely in favor of end customers be it Commercial or Domestic.

It clearly highlights the complaint and who it has been raised against. Also, the action that would be taken if the accused party fails to resolve it. This was a much needed move that was needed in the market to build trust. So far, the market had witnessed many projects being executed with unmet promises and end customers were left merciless.

MNRE clearly makes it transparent the State Nodal Agencies who are not or have not released subsidies for projects (despite submission of applications) giving them a time frame of 15 days to do the same. MNRE also claims that should the SNA fail to do so, the complaint will not be removed from the website.

Although, this is a step ahead in the right direction, since it would put pressure on SNAs about the urgency of the release, it may not guarantee action since releasing these subsidies is not their sole responsibility and other agencies are also involved. Further, it does not hamper their working or impose any penalty on SNAs.

However, MNRE does empower end customers by posing a threat to EPC companies if they demand more money than the pre-agreed cost of the solar power system. MNRE has clearly stated de-empaneling all such EPCs. This is a real threat since EPCs will actually lose business when end customers see complaints registered against them. This way, MNRE does both- build trust in the industry and weed out players who have been and are practicing unethical behavior.  Such an action earlier taken as well, however, it’s the first time to this specificity. We fully support this move by MNRE. If you have been looking to install Rooftop Solar, click here to arrange for a free site survey (for Delhi and Gujarat). We will then give you a competitive quote and install your project in a week. Click here to get an estimate of your project.

One thought on “MNRE brings transparency and takes accountability for subsidy

  1. in M. P. consumer are not getting MNRE subsidy, State nodal agency MPUVN is not passing / transferring subsidy to consumers though their installation id done by MNRE channel partner.

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