How to Use Ezysolare?

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SEAR (Solar Energy Assessment Report) and LAYOUT (Solar Module Layout) can be used for variety of applications according to different user needs.

1. Owners & Investors


  • To estimate the generation and calculating savings or revenues from solar power plant.
  • Choose equipment & site which give the best returns.
  • Estimate installable solar power capacity and placement of equipment.

Owners & Investors can use SEAR to not only get an accurate assessment of generation expected from solar power plant, but you can also compare the generation from different sets of modules and inverters or compare different locations to make decisions on technology and site.

Further, the installable capacity depends on variety of factors but most important of them is the area available. Owners can upload anything including a hand drawn sketch, a pdf form of layout, a word document or even an autoCAD drawing on ezysolare and we get back to you with a layout of solar panels based on your drawings and an estimated installable capacity of solar PV power plant.

2. System Integrators

System IntegratorsObjective:

  • To be able to respond to client requests for estimated generation and capacity promptly.
  • To understand the complexity of installation considering the spread of area and objects casting shadows & creating obstructions in erection.

System Integrators are often flooded by prospective client requests for expected generation and capacity that can be installed at the site. However, not all system integrators have the tools to be able to give this information. And, very often, those system integrators who do have the tools are also bogged down by delays from the technical support teams. Ezysolare promises a 24 hour response time for SEAR and 48 hour response time for LAYOUT to be give time bound, detailed, accurate and presentable reports. Further, getting a third party report for generation and layout further adds to the authenticity.

Ezysolare, doesn’t stop there however. The solar project sites often have objects that either cast shadows or pose obstacles for construction. Ezysolare LAYOUT considers the lengths of these shadows and accounts for all obstacles to give you the actual installable capacity for optimised generation.

3. Lenders


  • To get third party solar energy estimate of any power plant with uncertainty Analysis.
  • To ensure sufficiency of area available for the capacity proposed to be installed.

Lenders to solar power plants typically require an accurate estimate of generation from a solar power plant taking into account the uncertainty of assumptions and meteorological databases. Ezysolare SEAR reports details out the expected P 50, P 75 and P 90  generation details across an array of different meteorological databases to give lenders a wholesome view and confidence level of the generation expected.

Another major concern while financing of any project is the sufficiency of area for setting up a solar power plant. With LAYOUT lenders can assess if the area provided by the owner is sufficient to set up the proposed solar PV power plant.

We have tried to give a small peek into what our users can use ezysolare for. However, with time, we are sure our users would be able to find more and many interesting ways of using our services.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    ezysolare provides you the platform where you can give the information required for generating the analysis report for solar projects.
    Our reports are very accurate and delivered to the customers within 24 hours !

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