Who’s eligible for Solar Subsidy: MNRE Clarifies

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MNRE is actively putting out clarifications that the industry has been seeking. The last one was on Concessional Custom Duty Exemption (refer) and now, there is one on who’s eligible for subsidy (refer). We hope that this clarifies the mess about who really is eligible for subsidy. A brief of the clarification is as follows:


  • All rooftop solar power plants, whether net-metered/ gross-metered or not, are all eligible for Central Financial Assistance or Subsidy of 30% provided by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Of course, this has a restriction that it is only for those of the Institutional, Domestic or Social Sector (refer)

  • Subsidy will not be withheld on the sole criteria that NOC has not been allocated by DISCOM for allowing grid connectivity. According to us, this would accelerate the pace of project execution of Rooftop Solar projects. Further, it states that as long as SNA/ SECI/ PSU/ govt. agency (implementing agency) responsible disbursing subsidy, states that the project follows MNRE standards, subsidy maybe disbursed. The end customer will need to however, submit a ‘Joint Inspection Report’, made by developer, customer and implementing agency to MNRE. Here are a few formats for Joint Inspection Report that are being used in some states (Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra)



  • The next clarification is about the size of the Inverter used for a particular project. In projects wherein inverter capacity lesser than the Solar PV Panels capacity has been used, the capacity of the Inverter would be used to release the subsidy. As per our understanding, this means, that if we have used an Inverter of say 8 kVA for 10 kW worth of modules, then subsidy will be released only for a total of 8 kW of the project. It further states, that projects wherein an Inverter capacity is more than the Solar PV Panel capacity, the subsidy will be released taking into consideration the capacity of the Solar Panels.

Overall, extremely smart move for controlling subsidy wastage and for promoting proper sizing of Solar Power Projects. Also, cutting down extra steps needed to get subsidy and making it more realizable.

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2 thoughts on “Who’s eligible for Solar Subsidy: MNRE Clarifies

  1. we are MNRE partner ,we have got order of 5 KW & 3 KW ,We have filled up GEDA form & it will be submitted in this week
    Now about MNRE 30% subsidy ,What is errorless procedure steps & documents required ,so from very begining we will not make any mistake …
    How can you assist or help ?

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