The birth of something new: Ezy-Bidding

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Yes, the industry has progressed. Solar Energy is booming, it’s the future! We just hit a record low tariff of INR 2.44 for Solar Energy- proving that grid electricity won’t be here for long. Yet, there is something extremely important that has lacked in the industry: Efficiency. It’s ironical that we speak of ‘energy efficiency’ when the industry is not able to deliver efficiency in work completion itself.


Sometimes, it’s about approvals and sometimes about lagging timelines for equipment delivery or high prices offered by equipment suppliers. Of course, we all get bothered by it, yet, we have not been able to address this issue since our hands had been tied. After a lot of thinking and brain-storming, we came up with an idea which we thought may address part of the problem.

We thought that there is bidding for projects, but how can one control inefficiencies after one is bagged the project? We remain at the mercy of equipment suppliers. But what choice do even suppliers have? In this segregated industry with dearth of orders, they only have regular customers to rely on. And sometimes, when orders are not many, it does become a stretch to deliver just one order right on time. It becomes difficult to mobilize resources.

We realized, we could play a part as a mediator and make life simpler and easier for Installers and Equipment Suppliers alike. What we are launching is something that hasn’t been witnessed by the industry so far. It functions like a fair playing ground for Installers seeking equipment and Equipment Suppliers looking to increase their sales.

So How Does It Work?

Simple, Installers can post their requirement immediately or shortly after their project is confirmed. This requirement is then posted by Ezysolare as an ‘EzyBid’. It is then opened to all equipment suppliers and a time bound competitive bidding is started. This allows Installers to interact with various vendors on one platform.

Maximum of 24 hours are allowed to the suppliers to bid with their best price. The suppliers are allowed to revise their bid based on their position ‘L1, L2 or L3’. This would be visible to all bidders without revealing their names. Updates about price revisions and final price discoveries would be sent to Installers via e-mail and mobile phone numbers allowing them peace of mind while the bid happens without their need to ‘follow-up’ with each vendor. The winning bid will be allocated the sale.

Finally, the entire supply chain process is then managed via Ezysolare’s team till order fulfillment, again allowing Installers to concentrate on growing their business rather than following up about each order.

What’s interesting in this process is that promotes healthy competition among suppliers also encouraging them to understand where they stand in their prices. Further, it gives them a chance to improve their efficiency to compete effectively in the market. Finally, Installers receive the best prices without having to constantly follow-up.

So, here we are presenting to you Ezy-Bidding, to make your lives easier. Click here to register your interest in using this platform. For more clarity, the following presentation is a brief on how Ezy-Bidding will exactly work.

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