Net-Metering in Madhya Pradesh

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The Madhya Pradesh Net-Metering Policy was published on 14th October 2015 by Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission. In this article, we will analyze the regulation and define how it can be used.

Regulations - Image


  • The maximum permissible limit for interconnection to the grid is 1 MW as per the latest amendment (refer).
  • The project should be in the facility/ premises of the consumer
  • Net-Metering provision would be offered to the consumer on a first-come-first serve basis
  • The cumulative target for Net-Metered Solar projects was defined as 10 MW, however the clause has been omitted completely in the recent amendment
  • Cumulative capacity allowed to be connected at a particular distribution transformer is 30% of its rated capacity
  • Third Party Sale will not be allowed

Grid Interconnection and Energy Accounting:

  • Maximum permissible capacity for inter-connection is not more than the connected load of the customer. This is in-line with the regulations of most other states in India.
  • The monthly cycle of billing for customers of Solar will be as shown in the figures below


Excess Electricity is fedback to the Grid
Excess Electricity is feedback to the Grid



Drawn from Grid
Drawn from Grid

Electricity produced in kWh maybe used to offset electricity consumption in kWh and no other charges charged by the distribution licensee can be off-set using these credits. At the end of the year if there remain any unadjusted credits, then the DISCOM will pay end customers at Average Pooled Cost of Power.

Application Process


We hope that the process in Madhya Pradesh is as seamless as defined in the Policy and the problems we faced on ground are urgently resolved. Do contact us in case you are looking for approvals in the state of Madhya Pradesh, we may be able to help you through the process of approvals.

Other related regulations to refer to:

Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to safety and electric supply) Regulations, 2010

Madhya Pradesh Electricity Supply Code, 2013

CEA (Technical Standards for Connectivity of the Distributed Generation Resources) Regulations, 2010

Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms And Conditions For Determination Of Generation Tariff) (Revision-Ii) Regulations, 2012 {Rg-26 (Ii) Of 2012}

MPERC (Establishment of Forum and Electricity Ombudsman for redressal of grievances of the consumers) (Revision-I) Regulations, 2009

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