Concerns over Madhya Pradesh Net-Metering Policy

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Madhya Pradesh is a state which welcomes Renewable Energy by providing various benefits. One important one among those is Net Metering for rooftop solar plants. The policy is applicable for both LT(415V) and HT (Above 415V) consumers who may have their solar system interconnected at the LT side provided the metering arrangement is done at the HT end for HT consumers. On performing on-ground activities for getting net-metering approval we observed the following pain points during one of our Ezy Permits assignments.


Madhya Pradesh Net-Metering

1) HT Net-Metering :

As per the policy the bi-directional net-meter is supposed to have a current rating of 1 ampere and accuracy class of 0.5S whereas the real time scenario in MP is all existing HT meters are bi-directional but with current rating of 5 ampere and accuracy class of 0.1S. Now if you would want to get net-metering for your Solar Power System you will have to change your meters and also your CT/PT arrangement which again demands a separate approval.

Suggestion: Since 1 ampere and 0.5S accuracy meter are costly and the existing HT meters are also capable of dual-direction it would be a great step if the Regulatory Commission looks into this. We hope for MPERC to amend the policy to allow meters of rating 5 ampere and accuracy class 0.1S which are cheaper and fit with the current standards. A picture of the current standards for net meter is shown below (reference)


2) Inverters from MNRE Empanelled Manufacturers

We know the MNRE empanelment is given only to Indian Inverter Manufacturers and not foreign companies (refer to point 2 in the image below). Currently, people are left with very few options under Indian Inverters with respect to cost, feasibility and quality. There is no restriction in terms of where Solar Modules are procured from (Empanelled or non-Empanelled manufacturer) as long as they follow ‘MNRE Standards’ which is different from being MNRE Empanelled or MNRE Approved. Similar flexibility should be allowed for Inverters to maintain both cost effectiveness and quality.



Watch out for our next article on what the MP Net Metering process should look like according to the regulations. We welcome your comments and suggestions over this to make it easy going solar with Ezysolare and get permits and approvals through EzyPermits. Contact us on with your request of getting approvals for your projects.

4 thoughts on “Concerns over Madhya Pradesh Net-Metering Policy

  1. As far as I know, MNRE doesn’t certify/enpanel ongrid inverters and in fact, they have provided a notification for the same. If needed, I can share that document with you.

    1. I hope you’re not talking about the one dated 16-01-2015 because since the policy is framed after that MP government officials doesn’t take that into consideration and you know how it gets solved. Thanks

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