Solar Superheroes

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Solar Superheroes

Captain Planet | Superman | Birdman

Superheroes always get us excited. They have the strength of a tornado, looks to die for and they always get the pretty girl – all that you would want as a kid. So, you might have been tempted to read this post for the love of your childhood comic friends!

I promise to leave you with a tad bit of entertainment by the end of the post, but there is a more pressing issue at hand.

Sun is the source of all energy on earth. It is no surprise then, that our Superheroes derive their strength from the sun too. Superman’s planet-pushing power, Captain America’s crusade on Pollution and Birdman’s crashing into its enemies’ caves – are all powered by the sun. While they blasted their way out of enemies like the bald and smart Lex Luthor or the Kryptonian warlord General Zod, our enemies and problems today do not stem from an individual.

Drowning Cities and Energy Wars will come to define this century sooner than we think. Climate Change, Energy Access and Energy Security are responsible for some of the most devastating acts of nature and man in equal measure. From hurricanes to bombs, entire cities have been devastated by the rampant deprivation of nature and of man.

As is the case with our Superheroes, solar power with its virtually unlimited supply, distributed nature, scalable offerings and falling costs may hold the panacea to all our problems.

The hallmark of a Superhero is the unyielding will to fight against evil. Little steps – one roof at a time – would lead to a solar revolution which has lead some to believe that by the end of this century, more than 90% of our global energy is going to be powered by the sun.

Its time to dawn your cape and beckon the superhero you pretended to be as a child. Its time to go solar, one roof at a time.

ezysolare is dedicated to the cause of Solar Superheroes helping you decide on and design your solar power plant. Subscribe for our launch and stay tuned for action unlimited.

And now for that entertainment, I promised you about. Here it goes:


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