Ode to Solar

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This might sound like Solar 101 lesson from your kindergarten teacher, but here it goes:

Once upon a time, there was a princess ‘Sunshine’

She glowed with magical light, Super Hot and Super bright

But, she wasn’t appreciated in the kingdom she ruled

Till she found a loving solar module!

Dawning an armour shining and a cape blue

He absorbed all her radiance and smiled in lieu

Seeing her, he got excited and kicked electrons out of place

Charged with energy, those little angels started to race.

They ran behind each other in a straight line

To share the love, for a friend they used to pine

Used to the swinging AC Current, no one let them in

They went to their friend Inverter, to help them win!

They trekked through tunnels and thin copper caves

They knocked at his door, the Inverter emerged – wise and brave

Pained by their problem, Inverter showed them the way

Holding their hands, he taught them to swing and sway.

With a bounce in their feet, they went to the closest club

Now everyone greeted them with a smile and a warm hug

Swinging with happiness, they made many friends.

And thats how folks, this story ends!

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