Getting MNRE Exemption on Rooftop Solar Projects

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As was discussed in the ezysolare webinar last week, one of the key benefits available to Solar Power Projects is Exemption from paying Excise Duty and Customs Duty on Equipment used in setting up a solar power plant.  Till recently, this was a privilege available only to large Utility Scale power plants. However, according to the Office Memorandum issued on 28th November, 2014, the benefit of Excise Exemption is available to rooftop and off grid solar projects as well. This helps in saving the Excise Duty of 12.5% on most Solar Equipment, thus, reducing the cost of installation.

Office Memorandum on MNRE Exemption for Rooftop Projects


Dialogue on Maharashtra Net Metering Policy 2015

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Maharashtra released its Net Metering Policy on 10th September, 2015 and soon, ezysolare followed that up with a workshop in Pune last week to discuss the nuances. So, read on to understand the Policy, Technical, Financial and Policy aspects of the policy here.

Download The Policy

The Background

National Action Plan on Climate Change in 2009 introduced Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) according to which 0.25% of India’s power consumption should be consumed from Solar Power – an increase of approximately 3,000 MW every year. Soon, the then Manmohan Singh Govt  launched National Solar Mission with the objective to setup 20 GW of solar by 2022 and the current.


How to Calculate Solar Energy Generation

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Sometime back, we had written a little nursery rhyme on the step by step process of generation of solar power. In brief, it goes as follows:

  1. Radiation falls on Solar Panels
  2. Panels convert this radiation into DC Current
  3. DC Current passes through Copper Cables to reach Inverters
  4. Inverters convert DC current into AC Current
  5. AC Power is fed to the building electrical load.

These also broadly happen to be the steps to calculate energy generation, as was covered in the last ezysolare webinar that you can access here.


Peace of Mind Delivered. 12 Times Over

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Best Prices for BoQ, Tight Timelines, Quality Products, Engineering Assistance and PEACE OF MIND – All Delivered with One Partner – EZYSOLARE! Read how Longman Suntech Energy benefitted from ezysolare’s one stop shop for all solar needs!

Longman Suntech Energy, based in Mumbai installs solar projects on lease, where the client gets system free of cost and pays only for the solar electricity. In a market as large as India, its their efficiency that drives Longman to a larger portfolio. It recently executed 2 rooftop projects in Tamil Nadu, totalling 85 kW in capacity.


Selecting the Right Solar Equipment

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India is a large and diverse country – 6 wind zones, 4 earthquake zones, a long coast line and a radiation range of 4 – 7 kWh/sqm. Then, we have different roof types, different electrical loads etc. In wake of such differences, it is not correct, neither possible to use the same solar components everywhere. In this blog post, which is a followup to our webinar earlier in September, we will explore how to Select the Right Solar Equipment for your Solar Project.

Very often the engineering of solar projects is compromised – knowingly or unknowingly leading to poor selection of equipment. The real reasons for that are:


The Story of Gujarat Solar Policy 2015

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Gujarat Solar Policy 2015

Starting from the start, Manmohan Singh released National Action Plan on Climate Change in 2009, under which National Solar Mission was one of the Missions launched. Under the NAPCC, it was mooted that a minimum of 0.25% of all power consumed in the country should be produced from Solar and this should increase every year upto 2022 by which time, 3% of India’s total energy should be powered by solar.


Online Solar BoM & Cost Calculator

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Online solar cost and BOM calculator


Let’s walk through a typical dialogue while negotiating a Solar EPC Contract.

Client: How much would this 100 kW system on my industry building roof cost me?

Solar System Installer: It depends on the modules and inverters you chose sir.

Client: I want X Modules and Y Inverters.

Solar System Installer: Sure Sir. You know how the dollar is fluctuating, but I think I should be able to get Inverter for Rs. 11/Wp and Modules for Rs. 35/Wp and the Balance of Materials would cost Rs. 24 / Wp. Let’s close it at Rs. 70

Client: Okay. But, I want proper system warranties.


Cost of setting up a rooftop solar plant

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cost of solar rooftop projects

On the eve of launch of Solarkart by ezysolare – India’s first one stop shop for everything you need to build a solar plant, we hope to provide a ready guide on cost of setting up a rooftop solar plant. The video of webinar explains how to calculate the profitability of solar project and estimation of costs for different sizes, brands and types of rooftop solar equipment.

Presentation: Cost of setting up a solar rooftop project

For those with weak connectivities or little patience, below is a little summary of what was discussed: